Smashbox Contour Kit Review

It's not easy to find a good contouring kit in my humble opinion. There are definitely more contour kits out there than ever before but the problem is that many of these shades are actual bronzers and not true contour shades. As a result I'm always wary when buying contour kits. I was very excited to see that I qualified for a free Smashbox Contour Kit as part of my 500 pt Sephora VIB points and that is the kit that I will be reviewing today. 

I love the fact that you get a contour, bronzer and matte highlighter in one package. It's very convenient to have all three products in a compact especially when you're travelling or on-the-go. Check out my Smashbox Contour Kit review below. 


Here is a swatch of Smashbox Contour Kit : From left to right; the highlighting shade, bronzer and contour shade. 

Smashbox Contour Kit Swatch

Smashbox Step-By-step Contour Kit Swatched On my inner arm in natural daylight

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Smashbox Contour Kit

The contour shade is the perfect shade for contouring. It's not a bronzer but an actual contour shade with the right amount of coolness to mimic a shadow without being too grey. It's also insanely pigmented. 

Smashbox's Contour Kit comes with a bronzer (the middle color in the swatch above) which can be used to "warm" up your face after you contour. The bronzer is completely matte. I would describe the color as a warmer brown with yellow undertones. In the pan it looks warmer and lighter compared to Nars Laguna which leans more brown.  

It also comes with a matte warm highlighter with yellow undertones. I think this would make a perfect under eye highlighter. It may also work as a cheek highlighter if you're darker than nc25. I don't use this to highlight my cheekbones as I prefer a more shimmery highlighter. 

Photos​ (Before & After Contouring) 

I have a very round and heart shaped face. I absolutely must contour my face before I leave the house. I don't feel "right" unless I contour. I generally always contour my cheeks, the sides of my jaw, under my chin and I also contour and highlight my nose quite a lot as I feel I have a rather big nose.  It makes a huge difference. As you can see my face lacks definition below. 

With just a bit of contour and bronzer my face looks instantly slimmed, thinner and more defined.  My brush of choice for applying the Smashbox powder contour is the MAC 168 angled brush. It's perfect for applying just the right amount of powder. Sigma's Beauty Large Angled Contour brush is an excellent dupe. 

Smashbox Contour Review

What I'm Wearing : Joueur Luminizing Tint, The Balm's Hot Mama, Nars Orgasm Lipstick, Too Faced Natural At Night Palette

How Does It Compare

The only other contour shade I have right now is Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in Medium and the Smashbox contour shade is a bit more pigmented and dramatic while Kevyn Aucoin in Medium is more subtle. 


The formula is very pigmented. My preferred method of applying the Smashbox Contour powder is via an angled brush. Be carefully about picking up too much color as it's extremely pigmented. I prefer applying small amounts of color and building up the intensity slowly. 


The value is quite good as you're getting three products that you can use to achieve a sculpted look. ​

Pros & Cons

I love the fact that you get three products in one kit. Smashbox's Contour Kit is very beginner friendly and even comes with numbered step-by-step with instructions on how to apply. If you're new to contouring this would be the perfect kit. However, don't discount this kit if you're seasoned because the contour shade is spot on. Buy it here at Amazon. 

Overall Rating 

This product is an excellent value since you're getting a contour powder, highlighter and bronzer in one. Unless most contour shades, this one has the perfect amount of coolness to mimic the look of a real "shadow". It's perfect for sculpting out cheekbones, slimming the face and nose. The pigmentation is excellent. 


  • Contour shade is perfect 
  • 3 products in one palette 
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Comes with step-by-step directions, newbie-friendly


  • No cons that I can think of

I hope this Smashbox Contour Kit review was helpful. Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments. 


Chief-In-Editor at Her Glow Up. For makeup reviews: I have light skin with yellow and golden undertones. I'm a nc20 in MAC and 4 in Armani Luminous Silk. I'm an internet advertising guru by day and a beauty blogger after dark.

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