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Prior to microblading my eye brows were extremely sparse with bald spots in between and never seemed quite right. I always had a hard time filling them in and making them look symmetrical. I was intrigued when I first learned of microblading via Instagram and looked at the amazing before and after photos. In this post I'll share  my "touch up" (second appointment) including photos and before and afters. A lot of the original color faded after my first appointment. The touch up appointment is to address the faded areas and to make any retouches.

I decided to go to Microblading LA out of all the microblading salons I researched because their before and after photos were the most impressive and transforming. I would like to add that this is not a sponsored post; I paid for my session with my own money (and it was a pricey purchase!). ​I decided to go with brow artist Julia Faria as I really liked her portfolio of work on IG.

The plastic wrap helps the numbing agent penetrate deep into the skin

I highly recommend that you view the salon's or brow artist's before and after photos extensively before making a final choice. Don't just go to the cheapest place you can find. Brows frame your face and it's worth it to invest a little more. 

The assistant removed all of my existing brow makeup and applied a numbing cream on my brows. It takes around 20-30 minutes for the numbing to cream to fully absorb. 

Julia proceeded to fill in my eye brow using a special pencil (with an ultra-long tip) into the shape she was eventually going to be microblading . She didn't just "fill in my brows" but used precise hair strokes to show me where the hairs would be filled in.  

Special pencils that are used to draw the shape and fill in brows with individual hair strokes before microblading

Below is a photo of what my eye brows looked like after they were filled in with pencil. I told her I wanted a much thicker and fuller brow look that wasn't too arched. I love full brows since they make you appear more youthful. We were conservative the first time around but for my touch-up I knew that I wanted to go much bolder and darker. 

My eyebrows were filled in with pencil order to create the desired shape before microblading

I don't have photos of the actual procedure as I went to the salon by myself and didn't have anyone to take photos during the microblading process. I was too embarrassed to take selfies during the actual procedure and didn't want to distract Julia in any way. 

Below is what my eyebrows looked like right after microblading. The color is a lot darker right after the procedure and that is normal. Your actual "real color" will be lighter and won't be visible until at least 2 weeks after the procedure. 

Right after the microblading procedure; color will appear darker and settle into the "real color" over time

Here is a picture of the salon I went to : Microblading L.A.  Gorgeous salon with individual rooms for privacy located in Woodland Hills, CA.  

Microblading Cost

Microblading costs vary across the U.S. I've seen prices range anywhere from $200 to $1,000. Personally I paid $700 for my session which is on the high-end. ​

Does Microblading Hurt?

Personally the procedure didn't hurt at all. It literally felt like nothing. There were some points where it was a slight aching sensation while she was using the microblading machine but the pain was extremely minimal. 

I would put it this way; it hurt less than getting a cleaning at the dentist and a lot less than the aftermath of a heavy squat and deadlift session after not working out for a long time. Bleaching my teeth with Crest White Strips is 10x more painful. At some points it was actually relaxing and soothing. Most of the time I couldn't even tell whether I was being worked on or not. The only thing that was disconcerting was the unpleasant noise you could hear as the blade cut into my skin. There was no actual real pain. ​

However, it is important to keep in mind that everyone has different pain tolerance levels and others may have more sensitive skin. Your experience may vary. 

Microblading Healing

It takes at least a week for your color to look more natural. You can expect your eye brows to look extremely dark (and perhaps even reddish), almost as if they were drawn on with a sharpie the day after. This is completely normal and don't worry; they will not stay this way permanently. I actually recommend staying home the day after as your brows will look abnormally dark and extreme. 

Adhering to proper after care is extremely important. Don't wash your hair or exercise for 10 days after the procedure in order to protect your hair color. I personally washed my hair on the day before the procedure and used dry shampoo for the next 10 days. I also refrained from washing my face around the eye area and bought some Neutrogena make-up wipes in order to avoid washing my face with water. ​

I will document my own healing process below from the day after, throughout the peeling process till the final color reveal.

Day 1​

The color on day one and day two will be a lot darker than it will end up. Eye brows look a bit angry and super dark. This is completely normal. ​I am not going to post Day 2 because it looks virtually the same as Day 1. I recommend wearing sunglasses if you're going to be out and about and feeling self-conscious.  

Day 1 After Microblading

Day 5

Eyebrows are starting to peel now! I can feel the scabbing when I gently touch my brows and they are itching like crazy but I'm being good and not picking them or removing the skin at all. I am also not using the A&D healing ointment they gave me as it's best to let it dry heal. I have been using makeup wipes to clean my face and haven't washed my forehead at all in order to avoid getting my brows wet. I also have not washed my hair and plan on not washing it till the 10th day. 

I love the darkness of my brows. Doesn't look too bad from a distance right? ​

Get a little closer and you can see the peeling.... It's very noticeable but not too bad. The left side is peeling a lot more than the right. 

Here is a close up of the peeling action. It's very important to not pick at it or peel it off but let it heal naturally and fall off by itself. Don't mind my lashes as I am missing a a chunk (it actually fell out and I have a bald spot now on my lashes). 

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading results lasts around a year. You'll want an annual touch-up in order to maintain the intensity of color as it can fade. ​

Is Microblading Worth It? 

In one word "yes". Waking up with your brows intact is life changing. It's much easier to fill in your brows since the shape is already there. Prior to microblading my brows had no shape and they were so sparse that it was difficult for me to get them to look symmetrical every time.

Since my eye brows are much darker now I can just use powder and call it a day. Before I had to use dipbrow as powder by itself was not able to actually create the shape of the brows as they were so sparse. ​

Pros & Cons

Pros include the fact that you'll save time in the morning unless you want to fill out your brows or go for a dramatic look. It's nice to have your brows intact and not sweat off after going to the gym. 

Cons include the fact that you'll need a retouch every year or so. It can also be expensive. The healing process takes a bit of a commitment as the skin around your brows will peel and look very unsightly and you won't be able to pick at it at all. You have to let it slough off naturally in order to keep the color. 

All of that being sad I think it is definitely worth it. Microblading is going to be another procedure that I'm going to partake in once my color fades as I really like the results. 

Have you tried microblading? Share your experience in the comments. 


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