How To Make Your Foundation Darker

Is your foundation too light for your skin? Foundations are expensive and just because you picked a shade that's too light doesn't mean you have to toss it. Here are a few quick fixes to make your foundation darker if you've picked the wrong shade.  

Mix It With Liquid Bronzer

One of the fastest way to darken foundation is to add a few drops of liquid bronzer such as Nars Laguna to your foundation. It's ultra sheer which means that you can add as much as you like. Start off with just a few drops and add more as needed.

Mix It With Another Foundation

Don't have liquid bronzer on hand? No problem? If you happen to have a darker shade of foundation on hand you can mix it with the lighter shade in order to create your custom shade. It's a good idea to have a darker and lighter shade on hand to mix and match as your skin color may change during the summer.  

Blend Into Your Neckline

You can make a foundation work for your even if the shade is too light. Take a damp beauty blender and making sure to blend the foundation into your skin. Make sure to bring the color all the way down into your neck in order to avoid a line of demarcation. Blending the color into your neck will make it look more natural .  ​

Add Bronzer

One of the easiest ways to warm up a pale face is with a bronzer. Pick a color without any shimmer like Nars Laguna for a more natural look and apply it where the sun would naturally hit such as the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones and forehead. ​

Apply A Darker Shade Of Powder 

If your foundation is just slightly darker than your skin color you can make up for it by using a darker colored powder. Make sure to also work it into your neck in order to avoid any harsh lines. ​


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