Best Bronzer For Fair Skin 2018

Finding the right bronzer for fair skin can be a challenging task. I'm extremely pale at NC20 but I always like to use a bit bronzer to warm up my face. Especially during the summer time in L.A when everyone is looking so tanned. The problem with many bronzers is that they can either be too warm, overpowering, or muddy on fair skin. Those with fair skin have to take extra precautions when picking  bronzer since the color will look a lot more obvious.  

The key to keeping your look natural is to pick a color that won't clash with your undertones. You will also want a color that will give you a subtle glow and not make you look orange. Use a big fluffy brush in order to apply bronzer in all the areas the sun would naturally hit for a natural look.

These bronzers can also be used to contour although I don't really recommend it. Personally I don't like to contour with bronzers as I don't find that any have enough of a taupe or grey undertone to truly look like a shadow. However, they can be used to "warm" up your face once you've applied a contour shade. 

Here are our picks for the best bronzer for fair skin. ‚Äč

Nars Laguna

Nars Laguna is one of my favorite bronzers for my fair skin. I used it a couple of years ago and hit the pan. I've never been able to find a bronzer that was able to give my skin the natural glow and look that Nars Laguna did. 

The color is a perfect taupey bronze with the right amount of coolness in order to avoid the dreaded orange look. It's a dark brown color that doesn't oxidize and lasts all day long.

Like all Nars products its packaged in the infamous black rubber packaging. I am honestly not a big fan of this packaging at all as it seems to attract an incredible amount of grime and dirt that I am unable to wipe off.  However, the product inside is excellent and a must have for pale-skinned ladies. 

Too Faced Pink Leopard

Too Faced Pink Leopard is an excellent bronzer for neutral or cool toned ladies who are anywhere from NW10-NW20. I have very strong yellow/warm undertones and I find this bronzer not as flattering on me but I think it would look super gorgeous on someone with pink/neutral undertones. 

This bronzer is ideal for those with fair skin because it's subtle. It has a combination of a dark bronzer, light bronzer shade plus a pink/peachy highlighting shade. Once the colors are blended and applied to the face it gives you that glowy, lit-from-within look. 

This color does have shimmer although it's not over the top as long as you don't apply too much. Those with a skin tone darker than NC20 could probably use this as a highlighter. 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil 

Too Faced Chocoloate Soleil is a matte bronzer with a strong scent of chocolate. I've used this bronzer on and off and in my opinion it is a tad warmer than Nars Laguna which is a bit more taupe. In terms of value Chocolate Soleil is a better deal since it's more affordable.  Chocolate Soleil is also a tad darker compared to Laguna. 

The overly sweet smell scent can be a pro for some while a con to others. Due to its warm undertones I feel like this bronzer would be more flattering to those with warm skin. 

Let us know what your favorite bronzers are for fair skin. 

Benefit Hoola

Benefit Hoola is a gorgeous completely matte bronzer without any shimmer. It's very sheer and ideal for building up color. It's also decent for contouring since it's not overly warm. The formulation is smooth and pigmented plus you get a ton of product which should last for a long time. 

It does come in a cardboard box which can be annoying for some but if you've used Benefit before you'll know that most of their products are packaged in a very cute, whimsical way. The brush that it comes with is on the rough side and I recommend using your own brush to apply this bronzer if you want an all over glow. However, the brush is ok for contouring because of its shape, which fits nicely under the cheekbones.  


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